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Leeds & Manchester DJ for Industrial, Goth and Alternative 80's music

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Manchester and Leeds Goth/Industrial scene regular since late 1989. Began DJ-ing at The Underworld in around '94, when Mark needed cover and still filling in today. Also co-promoted Dead Stars in Leeds, which ran from June 2001 to April 2005, and DJ'd at Rhythmus Maschine and the InFest Aftershow Party. I have guest DJ'd at many events including TanzFront TotalFest (headline DJ) in Moscow, InFest (x4) and the aftershow party (x3), the Slimelight (x2), Invocation Festival, Vampire Society 10th Birthday Party, Rock City, Mutate/Wendyhouse, Cyberpolis (x2), Bar Phono, Elviras (Bristol), Sin City, and others. Moved from Manchester to Leeds in January 2001. Avid supporter of the world's most entertaining football club - Mansfield Town.

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